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Be careful! Do not use a passive form of bidding. Don`t say you can « afford » something. Instead, you say people can afford it. The law as set out in previous court decisions. Synonymous with precedent. Similar to the common law, which stems from tradition and judicial decisions. All financial interests of the debtor at the time of filing the application for insolvency. The estate technically becomes the temporary rightful owner of all the debtor`s assets. Government agency empowered to resolve disputes. Judges sometimes use the term « court » to refer to themselves in the third person, as in « the court read the pleadings. » A group of citizens who hear the evidence presented by both parties to the court and establish the facts at issue. The federal criminal courts are composed of 12 people. The civil juries of the Confederation are composed of at least six persons. We cannot afford to make mistakes at this point.

As provided for in the Criminal Justice Act, an organization established in a federal judicial district to represent defendants who cannot afford an adequate defense. Each organization is overseen by a federal defense attorney appointed by the District Court of Appeals. Can I only hire a lawyer for part of my case? If you decide that you need legal help for part of your legal problem, you should hire a lawyer who will only work on that part. Some lawyers « unbundle » their services and only offer help with part of your case. You can ask a lawyer reference organization to help you find a lawyer to provide unbundled services. Jury selection process, during which potential jurors are interviewed to determine their qualifications and determine the basis of the challenge. Receiving such an email makes me feel like I`m expected to give this child a gift, but I really can`t afford it and I`m ashamed to say it. pro se – Latin term meaning « in one`s own name »; In the courts, these are people who present their own case without a lawyer. legal advice; A term also used to refer to lawyers in a case.

The chapter of the Bankruptcy Code, which provides for the adjustment of the debts of a « family farmer » or a « family fisherman », as defined in the Bankruptcy Code. Section 707(b)(2) of the Bankruptcy Code applies a « resource test » to determine whether an individual debtor`s filing under Chapter 7 is considered an abuse of the Bankruptcy Act that requires a dismissal or conversion of the matter (generally in Chapter 13). Abuse is suspected if the debtor`s aggregate monthly current income (as defined above) over 5 years, less certain expenses permitted by law, is greater than (i) $10,000 or (ii) 25% of the debtor`s unjustified unsecured debt, provided that this amount is at least $6,000. The debtor may rebut a presumption of abuse only by proving special circumstances that justify additional expenses or adjustments to current monthly income. Contracts or leases in which both parties still have obligations to fulfill. If a contract or lease is enforceable, a debtor can accept it (keep the contract) or reject it (terminate the contract). A court order that prevents one or more designated parties from taking action. An injunction is often issued to allow for the establishment of facts so that a judge can determine whether a permanent injunction is warranted.

The Sentencing Reform Act 1984 abolished probation in favour of a particular penal system in which sentencing is determined by sentencing guidelines. Now, without the possibility of probation, the prison sentence imposed by the court is the real time that the person spends in prison. Citizens must work to survive and settle for the limited resources that the Capitol provides them. It`s already months too late, and we can`t afford to wait any longer. Generally refers to two events in individual bankruptcy cases: (1) the « individual or group information session » of a not-for-profit budget and credit advisory body, in which individual debtors must participate before filing an application under a chapter of the Bankruptcy Act; and (2) the « Personal Finance Management Course » in Chapters 7 and 13, which an individual debtor must complete before a release is registered. There are exceptions to both requirements for certain categories of debtors, urgent circumstances, or if the U.S. trustee or receiver has determined that there are not enough licensed credit counselling agencies available to provide the necessary advice. The Study of the Law and the Structure of the Legal System A request made at the end of a trial by a party who has lost in one or more issues that a higher court reviews the decision to determine whether it was correct. Making such a request means « appealing » or « appealing ». The person appealing is called a « complainant »; the other part is the « Appealee ». With regard to civil actions in « justice » and not in « law ». In English legal history, courts could order the payment of damages and could not afford any other remedy (see Damages).

A separate « justice » court might ask someone to do something or stop doing something (e.g., injunction). In U.S. jurisprudence, federal courts have both legal and just power, but the distinction is still important. For example, a jury trial is usually available in « legal cases, » but not in « equity cases. » What should I do if I don`t get free legal assistance? If you can`t find help with a legal aid or pro bono program, some alternatives include contacting a lawyer referral service (some may be able to refer you to a low-fee lawyer) or hiring a lawyer only for part of the legal work and performing other parts yourself (this is called « unbundled » legal services). You can also try to get legal information and try to solve the legal problem yourself. Please visit our section on other free resources for more information. A set of rules and principles established by the United States Sentencing Commission that trial judges use to determine the sentence of a convicted defendant. There he found an empty cabin that was dark enough not to be seen and still offered enough light to read. These glimpses of Her Majesty were rare, and they offered enough interest and excitement to last long. « This grant will give us a tremendous opportunity to end the families of our victims, » said County Deputy Police Chief Anthony Schartner, « and bring justice to our victims. » A written statement filed as part of a court or appeal process that explains the legal and factual arguments of a page. We still have this to discover, and this glamour in which we see their age is the one that is offered only by the passage of time.

* The figures in this table represent 125% of the poverty guidelines by household size, as determined by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Who is entitled to an independent lawyer? The Constitution guarantees free legal assistance to persons accused of a crime that could result in a prison sentence and who cannot afford a lawyer. If you find yourself in this situation, seek the appointment of a public defence lawyer at your first court appearance. When a court decides that someone is « destitute » – with little fortune and no way to pay a lawyer – usually either a private lawyer is appointed by the court and paid with district funds, or a public defense program is appointed to represent the person.