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Want to know more about the 1000 best law firms? Read the profile of a law firm by clicking on it. Each section lists the largest law firms by size, starting with the top 200 law firms on page 1-200, then the next 200 largest firms on page 201-400, and so on. You can also check each of these companies after accessing the company profile. Interestingly, as the U.S. attorney points out, some of the sales per attorney numbers for the second hundred firms are higher than the LPR numbers for many Am Law 100 firms. The RPL numbers of Irell, Kobre & Kim and Choate would place them in the top 10 of a combined ranking of Am Law 100 and Second Hundred by revenue per lawyer: many renowned litigants here, including Irell, Kobre & Kim, Munger Tolles, Boies Schiller and Patterson Belknap. But the focus on litigation could also explain why the Second Hundred didn`t do as well as The Am 100 Act as a whole. The practice of transactions had a much better year in 2020 than litigation, which suffered from prolonged courthouse closures and the cancellation or postponement of lucrative lawsuits – as the Am Law 100 firms focus more on settlement work than the Second Hundred, they had a better year last year. Cf.

Moms, don`t let your babies become litigators. [2] Taft, which can be considered the Cravath of Cincinnati, has an interesting history. It`s quite old and dates back to 1885, and yes, there`s a connection to former president and chief justice William Howard Taft. Two sons of President Taft, Robert A. Taft and Charles P. Taft II, were co-founders of one of the predecessor companies of present-day Taft. Finally, what about Am Law 100 and Second Hundred, now that all of last year`s financial figures are available? In 2020, the super-rich got rich – and so did the rich. [1] The key wording here is « considered as a whole »: Second Hundred firms are overall less profitable and prestigious than Am Law 100 combined. But some sole proprietorships in the second hundred, such as Williams & Connolly, Munger Tolles and Irell & Manella, are more profitable and prestigious than many Am Law 100 firms. But what about the companies that the U.S. attorney calls the « Second Hundred, » the companies that rank from 101 to 200th in terms of total revenue? Overall, not only do these companies have lower revenues than the Am Law 100, but they also tend to be smaller, less profitable, and less prestigious. [1] Was 2020 as friendly with them as it was with their higher-ranking colleagues? Let`s take a look at the companies at the top of the Global 200, the Global 100.

Overall, Global 100 gross sales increased 15.3% (up 8.6 percentage points from fiscal 2020), bringing total revenues for these companies to more than $127.5 billion. At a time when some thought the coronavirus era would bring all sorts of financial inconveniences, Biglaw was absolutely booming in some parts of the world, with earnings per partner in shares up about 17% to a total of more than $1.9 million. The United States, which accounts for more than three-quarters of the Global 100, continues to dominate the list. This time, 63 companies have achieved more than $1 billion in revenue – and the vast majority of these companies are based in America. Meet the latest firms at Am Law 200 – and get a glimpse of each other`s performance in the Second Hundred in 2020. Last spring`s warnings were grim. When the pandemic hit, many law firms were expecting double-digit sales declines by the end of the year, and everyone could guess how the year would evolve. Anyone who made predictions at the time would be surprised to flip through the final numbers and realize that the second hundred of the Am 200 law was an almost positive year in terms of sales with a 1.1% increase and a significant year with significant growth in revenue per lawyer (plus 3%) and profits per partner (up 8.8%).

« I think 2019 has been great, 2020 has been even better and 2021 has been much better. I think companies are wondering if 2022 will be 2021 – I think that`s realistic – or if 2022 will look more like 2020, which is still very good in the abstract, » said David Foltyn, CEO of Honigman, whose company ranked 182nd in this year`s Global 200. « When you talk to CEOs, I think what they`re going to tell you is that we`re wondering where 2023 is going to fall. » The PPEP figures for the top 10 companies in the second hundred look good in themselves – but again, they pale in comparison to the PPEP figures for Am Law 100 companies. Cole Scott`s $3.7 million would rank 17th in the PPEP if it were an Am Law 100 firm, one place behind Paul Hastings and one place ahead of Cleary Gottlieb. The American lawyer has just published his Am Law 200 ranking and accompanying report, and the answer to the big picture is that Second Hundred companies. Ok. They didn`t kill it like the Am Law 100 companies, but they were also doing pretty well given the global pandemic and economic downturn that was looming over the past year. They did better than many of their customers, and they did better than many of us (and them) expected when the pandemic hit, when many companies began to implement austerity measures left and right. Here`s how the Second Hundred performed as a group: Check out the full list of Global 200 firms here. International recently released its latest edition of the Global 200, a ranking of the world`s 200 largest law firms by total revenue. How did these companies perform that year? As we learned from the recent Am Law 100 ranking, 2021 was a record year for large law firms during the « post » pandemic period, with some of the world`s most profitable companies setting financial records. It is the PPEP. Now let`s talk about the PPP – no, not the old PPEP nickname (formerly known as « Profits per Partner »), but the federal government`s paycheck protection program. According to the U.S. attorney, 44 of the hundred companies took out repayable loans from the federal government, compared to zero companies in Am 100 (many of which were out of the question as companies with more than 500 employees). As Dan Packel explains, according to Am Law`s methodology, the money from these loans was not included in the company`s revenue, but it could be reflected in the net profit figures if the money was eventually channeled to Partner-Comp. The past year has been incredible for the Am Law 100, the 100 largest law firms in the country, ranked by revenue, as we learned in the spring when the latest ranking was released. For firms that are a notch below the Am Law 100 — firms ranked No. 101 to No.

200 in terms of total revenue, a group the U.S. attorney calls the « Second Hundred » — last year was also excellent, but not as large as for the top 100 firms. As a result, the gap between Am Law 100 and Second Hundred Firms continued to grow in 2021, as it has been for years. In the end, the Paycheque Protection Program loans reflected the philosophy of the companies more than their finances. Here`s a comment on how the best companies on the planet have performed so well in these otherwise turbulent times: But based on that nice 20% increase in PPEP, things are going well at Kasowitz – for now. Kasowitz isn`t the most transparent company – partners other than Marc Kasowitz have surprisingly little information about the company`s finances – but if the company is doing well, Marc can pay his employees enough to make them happy. The already large gap between Am Law 100 and Second Hundred has only widened over the past year, as Am Law 100 firms have developed these three key indicators much faster than their Second Hundred competitors. These differences are the reason why Brad Hildebrandt, founder of the legal consulting firm Hildebrandt Inc., said that comparing Bill 100 to the second hundred is the proverbial apple-to-pear comparison. Still, you can`t feel too bad for the average partner of a second hundred companies: making nearly $1 million a year isn`t too shabby. And as you can see in the earnings by partner ranking at the end of this article, partners from renowned companies like Boies Schiller Flexner, Irell & Manella, Munger Tolles & Olson, Susman Godfrey, and Williams & Connolly have made millions, in the plural. The other companies on the list are well-known names. Irell is still a profitable company and, despite some notable partner departures in recent years, it seems that its strategy of focusing on high-end intellectual property and commercial litigation is paying off.

It increased its PPEP by nearly 25% in 2020 — and 2021 could be even better given that the company won a $2.2 billion patent prize against Intel in March on behalf of its customer VLSI Technology LLC. Speaking of revenue per lawyer, which is widely considered the most reliable indicator of a company`s financial performance, let`s look at the top 10 firms among the second hundred for RPL.