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Another manifestation of the effects of climate change is the Misfit Stream. These streams are those for which a practical measurement of size, most often the wavelength of the meander, indicates that the modern river is too large or too small for the valley. From: Unsuitable stream in A Dictionary of Earth Sciences » The term unsuitable stream is often misused as a synonym for an under-adapted stream. An under-adapted watercourse is a type of maladaptive watercourse whose outflow is too small to correlate with the existing properties of the canal, i.e. meander radius, channel wavelength and width, or valley size.[1][2] An under-adapted stream can be created when glaciation alters the landscape by creating glacial hollows. The rivers that occupy these valleys after the ice retreats are disproportionate to the size of the valley. Given the size of most glacial troughs, almost all contain outdoor streams. Unsuitable currents can also be caused by a reduction in the outflow of the current. The size of the channel reacts quickly to fluctuations in outflow, but the size of the valley reacts over much longer periods. Many causes of reduction of discharges are possible. If maladaptive rivers are widespread in an area, climate change, particularly reduced rainfall, is likely to be the cause.

[2] If a single river appears to be an inappropriate stream, it may be the result of human activity through groundwater abstraction or the construction of upstream dams. Natural causes are river capture or other changes in drainage patterns. For example, New Zealand`s largest river (the Waikato) crossed the Hauraki Plains to the east coast of the North Island, but changed course to emerge on the west coast due to a large volcanic eruption, so its former course through the 1 km wide Hinuera Gap was occupied only by a small stream. [3] An outer watercourse is a river that is deprived of its headwaters and is either too large or too small to have eroded the valley or underpass through which it flows. This term is also used for a stream or river with meanders that are obviously out of proportion to the meanders of the valley or winding scars cut into its valley walls. If Misfit Creek is too big for its valley or meander, it is called an oversized stream. If Misfit Creek is too small for its valley or meander, it is called an underadjusted stream. [1] [2] Themes: Science and Technology — Earth Sciences and Geography. Stream too small to cut the valley it currently occupies. This is especially true for a winding stream, which is much smaller than the meandering valley it crosses.

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