Nea Legal Services

The Lawyer Referral Program (ARP) helps members of the Florida Education Association (FEA) obtain personal legal services at a reduced cost throughout the state. This benefit applies to legal services that are not already free and are part of your union membership, such as legal wills, real estate transactions, and matrimonial or divorce matters. The NEA`s Lawyer Referral Program provides members with legal advice on personal matters. Each eligible member is entitled to two free 30-minute consultations in each year of membership. And if you need additional legal help, you can get that help with the NEA`s Lawyer Referral Program at prices lower than the usual fees of participating lawyers. For more information, please contact your Landesverband Rechtsdienste study programme office or your local UniServ office. FEA employs in-house and hired attorneys with extensive experience in labor law matters involving faculty, educational staff, and academic staff in Florida. These attorneys represent members in cases such as: CTM Legal Group 705 Second Ave., Suite 1300 Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 268-9500 members are entitled to free consultations with an ARP attorney. If a member chooses to hire a program lawyer for personal legal services in addition to the initial consultation, the member is entitled to a 30% discount for legal work in five « core areas. » This benefit allows you to discuss personal legal issues with a lawyer to determine if you need additional legal services. In addition to these free consultations, members can have specific legal work done in five « main areas » for a 30% discount on normal attorney fees. For over 150 years, NEA members have relied on support and service in a wide variety of areas. The NEA`s Office of the Legal Counsel advises and assists you on labour relations, individual rights, education reform, political activities and other matters with legal implications.

In addition, members can have specific legal work done in five « key areas » at a 30% discount off participating lawyers` regular rates. Participating lawyers must agree to discuss fees before providing services. They must be prepared to accept payment of their fees by installment plan or credit card. (Please note that to access legal services, you must be a member on the day of the incident you are accused of. You cannot retrospectively register for legal services for this incident.) The FEA is also affiliated with Union Plus, a non-profit organization founded and supported by the AFL-CIO. As a member of the FEA, you have the right to access a national cadre of personal legal lawyers. Wills and estates: With a 30% discount rate, you can ask a participating lawyer to prepare your will, help you plan your estate, provide legal aid if you are appointed executor or administrator of an estate, or offer legal advice in guardianship proceedings. If you think you need legal, professional or referral network assistance, you should first contact your UniServ branch. You can find your UniServ office by CLICKING HERE.

Legal fees, lawyers` fees, registration fees and service fees will not be covered. Legal fees are responsible and must prove at your first meeting that you are a member of the NEA. The reduced rates apply only to ARP lawyers. FEA`s Legal Services Program protects members` employment rights through emergency and long-term legal services, including: The ULSP is a legal defense program jointly sponsored by the NEA, AFT and FEA. The program is designed to provide members and local affiliates with appropriate legal assistance in employment disputes. Any member who requires a disciplinary or educational defence from a union lawyer will be represented by this program. If your personal legal problem falls under one of the « main areas » listed below, the legal fee will be reduced by 30%. You should discuss all fee agreements at your first meeting. NEA/NEA-Alaska members of all membership categories (along with their spouses, life partners and dependent children) are eligible for the benefits of the Lawyer Referral Program.

If you have a legal problem outside your state of residence, you can contact a participating lawyer in the state where the legal issue is located. The NEA provides its members with comprehensive legal protection in employment matters. But what if you need legal advice on a personal matter? The NEA`s Lawyer Referral Program (ARP) is designed to ensure members have access to affordable legal advice.