Pasco County Tree Requirements

On August 29, my heart broke down when three live giant oaks bite into the dust at 4805 Land O`Lakes Blvd., a property adjacent to the lake where I live. As a civil lawyer, I stopped to inquire about a tree cutting permit and measure and photograph what was left of the 52-inch, 47-inch and 18-inch stumps. I asked the landowner if a permit to cut down trees had been granted, and he said he was not sure. One thing I was sure of that day was that no permits were issued, a clear violation of Section 6 of the County Tree Ordinance. What corresponds to the description of a trusted code tree in Pasco County, Florida? The Pasco County code tree must be at least 1.5″ – 2″ brake caliper (trunk circumference) and 8`+ high. It is usually a 30-gallon tree. Each Florida county may have different approved code trees, so please check with your specific county for the latest and most accurate code tree policies and regulations. (a) Deciduous trees shall have a minimum caliper of one inch and three-quarters of an inch and a height of eight feet. I continued to monitor the situation. On January 17, a Code Compliance Officer informed me that the owner had committed another offence, namely the illegal dumping of tree debris in the wetland.

Once that was done, I was assured that the issue of compliance with the replanting of 117 inches of trees would be resolved. This is, of course, five months after the trees are removed and three months after the replanting has been required by the permit. (3) Multi-stem trees are allowed as an option to single-stem trees, provided that these multi-stem trees: Do we grow/sell Pasco County approved code trees? Yes, we grow and sell many varieties of code trees approved by Pasco County, Florida. These code trees are also excellent shade trees and summer is the best time to plant these trees when the summer rains set in. The code trees we grow and sell are as follows, many of which are on our list of major tree specialties: (b) Conifers must be at least five feet tall. There are three central approval services to which you can submit your application:8731 Citizens Drive Suite 230 New Port Richey (727) 847-812614236 6th Street Suite 203 Dade City (352) 521-42794111 Land O Lakes Boulevard Land O Lakes (813) 929-2749 If it was one incident, it wouldn`t be so bad. But this becomes standard procedure. Do you remember a fast food restaurant in Land O`Lakes two years ago? Instead of the landscaping required under the tree permit, it was highlighted and subsequently given a detour. And do we remember the violation in East Pasco, which involved the unauthorized removal of several hundred oak trees from land that was not used in good faith for agriculture? This owner had to plant hay, and there are still no replacement trees. b. The removal of trees eighteen (18) inches and over in corridors and/or easements must be done prior to removal by telephone to the County Administrator or Agent and notice to the owner and/or occupant at least three (3) business days prior to removal.

Obviously, there was no doubt about Mr. Allow the offender that he could circumvent the terms of his licence, otherwise he would never have removed these trees, which carry the risk of a fine of $500 per tree. Instead, five months later, the trees have fallen and the stumps sprayed and he wants to be exempted from his licensing requirements. I contacted the county and found that a permit had been granted with very specific conditions. With a copy of the permit and a list of approved trees in hand, I visited my neighbour. We discussed the permit requirement that « the owner must install 117 inches of approved/useful trees within 60 days of removal » and that these trees must be selected from the list of approved trees. After that, he offered me a job as a bartender in his restaurant. Perhaps I should have taken that as an indication of what was coming. Instead, I politely refused the job with difficulty.

I chose to believe that my knowledge of coastal planting would not be wasted on someone who knew, when he brought a chainsaw to these oaks, that he had taken responsibility for the licensing requirements. So, I ask, is our tree ordinance a joke or does the county intend to play by its own rules? Jane Brandt, Land O`LakesBuyouts expel seniors, their interests It does not surprise me that shuffleboard courts have been rejected by our local municipal government. 4. Where the width of a landscape strip, buffer zone and recess is 15 feet or more, the required trees shall be offset into two or more rows. 2. The single-stemmed trees required by this Chapter shall meet the following standards at the time of planting: Imagine my shock when I arrived on September 26. It was announced in January that the case had been referred for development review to negotiate a deviation from the approval already granted! Since when have staff had the authority to do this? Forgive me if I missed a section of the order titled « How to Negotiate Your Exit from a Tree Permit Once the Dirty Deed Is Done. » (11) Where the landscape materials used in the required landscape areas depend on regular irrigation for feeding, a water-efficient, automatic or drip irrigation system should be provided. (b) the application of appropriate soil improvement techniques to promote plant growth. Pasco needs to realize that it is just as responsible for this chaos as the state, that it does not require insurance companies to do the job they are doing the job they are doing business for: insuring. The people of Pasco wake up better, otherwise they will all be in the same boat if the big insurance companies pay a deposit and you only have citizens. 7. Living vegetation used as ground cover shall be planted and spaced so that the required area of the landscape is fully covered within two years.