Smallest Road Legal Motorbike Number Plate

There are no specific laws that determine the size of your motorcycle license plate. However, it should be noted that all motorcycle license plates must be rectangular. But how big is a standard British motorcycle license plate? We don`t tend to go smaller than 5-digit record sizes as it can attract unwanted police attention, and frankly, it`s rare to find a license plate that has less than 5 characters. However, if you require a smaller license plate than the one mentioned or available on our « License Plates and Accessories » page, you can contact us using one of the many contact forms on the site. License plates are used by police and government to identify your vehicle – from motorcycles to scooters to mopeds. Police can use a vehicle`s license plate if the bike has been stolen or is involved in a crime, and the government can use it for tax and registration purposes. Since 2001, the law requires that each letter and number on your license plate be 64 mm high and 44 mm wide. This excludes the letter « I » and the number « 1 ». The character stroke (the thickness of the line) must be 10 mm and the distance between each character must also be 10 mm. The age identifier and random letters must be 30 mm apart, while the vertical distance between the age identifier and the random numbers must be 13 mm.

The distance between the top, bottom and side edges of the plate shall be at least 11 mm wide. If the motorcycle is slightly older and before September 1, 2001, but after September 1, 2001. It is mandatory to have all the correct legal markings on a licence plate which must be affixed to every public road in Great Britain. These markings include: the name of the company and postal code of the company that printed the licence plate; the standard British code BS AU 145d and the appropriate vehicle registration number. It is also mandatory to have the correct character spacing, character margins and font sizes printed on the license plate. However, we`ve covered all the basics for you and for a number of license plates on our License Plates & Accessories page. If you want to see what we have to respect, read our articles HERE. We can even produce custom license plates, as long as the legal signs and markings required by law do not interfere with the minimum reflective zone required. For our motorcycle license plate please click HERE! In this list we offer 4D, Krystal, 4D+ and printed variants in a range of smaller legal sizes! If you want to customize a motorcycle license plate with your current registration, you can of course do so on our plate manufacturer. These start at just £15.99! At JDM Plates, we want all our customers to comply with the law regarding the smallest legal license plates and therefore provide the relevant documentation as we take responsibility for all sales. You pay not only for the high-quality production of the smallest legal license plates, but also for the professional service we provide you in case you are arrested if you are stopped because of your small license plate that. Best of all, you can buy a private license plate for your motorcycle and a custom motorcycle license plate from us at once! While all of the above sizes can be legally used on public roads in the UK, depending on the number of characters in the record, it can still be a vague range for choosing the right size.

On eBay, 2 of the 3 sizes are called display plates or signs of novelty, while on the 9` x 7` has been described as legal. At JDM Plates, all our sizes are legal to help you comply with the law! Eliminate the cloning of licence plates; We always need proof of ownership and ID when we place an order! Here you can order our motorcycle license plates! I`m not a fan of the very small one-line plates that people have, or maybe controversial, but I also hate 4D discs, they look so bad I bought a 7×5, but it looked remarkably small. In the end, I ordered an 8×6 that looked much better than the standard disc, although it didn`t stand out either. I don`t see the point of having a smaller plate myself, but giving them something else to annoy you. All our license plates use BS AU145d compliant materials and are fully UV protected. Carefully specified materials are UV stable; weather and abrasion resistant; resistant to moisture, chemicals and corrosion and having a fire class of fire class 1. In addition, our license plates are shock and wrinkle resistant and have been tested to British Standards Institution (BSI) specifications. We can ensure this by sourcing from registered suppliers of the British Number Plate Manufacturers Association (BNMA)! The materials are made up of very high adhesive values, so even our shorter plates do not come off over time. Because we use high quality materials and have a solid plastic surface; Unlike cheaper laminate panels, there is no surface bubble. For this reason, we have started to develop new shapes for the bike plates we offer, which means that there are more options divided into motorcycle types that give you a license plate built specifically for each motorcycle.