Motorcycle Number Plate Legal Size Uk

If you`re looking for a legal motorcycle license plate, then you`ve come to the right place! We have a whole range of bike plates that we know you`ll love! We are often asked if private motorcycle license plates are legal, which of course absolutely they are, so you can customize your motorcycle even more without having to worry about being stopped by the police. All our license plates use BS AU145d compliant materials and are fully UV protected. Carefully specified materials are UV stable; weather and abrasion resistant; Resistant to moisture, chemicals and corrosion and have fire class 1. Not only that, but our license plates are shock and bending resistant and have been tested to British Standards Institution (BSI) specifications. We can make sure of this because we source from suppliers registered with the British Number Plate Manufacturers Association (BNMA)! The materials are made from very high adhesive values, so our shorter license plates don`t tend to peel off over time. Because we use high quality materials and have a solid plastic surface; There will be no surface bubble unlike cheaper laminate panels. FACT. You can request the transfer of a license plate online via the website. You will need to provide details about the bike and fill out the form you received when purchasing your new license plate, which can be one of the following: • A V778 retention document. • A V750 certificate of eligibility. • An online reference number. You can assign a private license plate to each bike as long as the bike is: • Registered with the DVLA in the UK. • Available for inspection.

• Can move under his power. • Is a type that requires a TUV or truck inspection certificate. • has been continuously taxed (or has SORN) over the past five years. You must also immediately affix your private number to your vehicle when you apply online. If your motorcycle was registered on or after September 1, 2001, motorcycle licence plates can only be affixed to the rear of the motorcycle. For older models, you can also put one on the front – but it`s not mandatory. When it comes to custom motorcycle license plates, there are certain rules you need to follow in order to legally display them on your motorcycle. The DVLA operates a system that transfers licence plates from one vehicle to another and allows private plates to be assigned or removed from a new vehicle and the original plates to be reissued. They offer this system, and all transfers must be registered with them for a fee. There are also rules on the thickness of letters, as well as the spacing between letters. The stroke and distance must be 10 mm.

The distance between the age codes and randomly selected letters is 30 mm and the distance between the two lines of text at the bottom and top is 13 mm. Finally, a distance of 11 mm must be left between the edge of a registration plate and the characters displayed. 1 letter + 1 to 3 digits + 3 letters (e.g. A2 AAA, A21 AAA, A213 AAA) There are no laws regulating their size. However, the letters themselves are regulated. Since 2001, all motorcycle license plates must be 64 mm high and 44 mm wide. No! Due to legal regulations regarding the size and spacing of the required characters, which differ between standard car and motorcycle number plates in the UK, they cannot be displayed on a car, lorry or anything else that is not a motorcycle. Bicycle rear plates must also have black text on a yellow background without a pattern and be made of reflective material. Our bespoke motorcycle license plates comply with the UK motorcycle license plate and DVLA and British Standard (BS AU 145e) regulations.

With our state-of-the-art license generator, you can design both small motorcycle license plates and large motorcycle license plates online that are 100% road legal. Whatever your requirements, when it comes to motorcycle license plates, we are number one. It is also possible to have an edge or slogan on your plate that often tells the dealer where you bought the bike. If you are registered before September 1, 2001, you can put a licence plate on the front, but that is entirely up to you. The DVLA sets the rules for motorcycle license plates, and non-compliance will not suit them. Make sure your panels do the following: With regard to the above dimensions, it can be quickly calculated that the lowest legal height should be 164 mm high. License plates are used by police and government to identify your vehicle – from motorcycles to scooters to mopeds. Police can use a vehicle`s license plate if the bike has been stolen or is involved in a crime, and the government can use it for tax and registration purposes. If you`re wondering what the smallest legal motorcycle license plate is, it depends on the registration displayed behind it. Due to the specifications listed below, we need to make sure that certain measurements are present everywhere. For example, the distance between a character and the edge of the plate.

As long as it sticks to the sign, it remains legal. That is, the shorter the license plate, the smaller the custom motorcycle license plates that can be displayed. For my money, the benefit of a small plate is purely cosmetic, and it`s not worth taking the risk of a hefty fine just to make your rear tire look a little bigger. Now that you know the shape, size and information required to have a legal license plate, what if you want to have a private license plate on your motorcycle? Since 2001, the characters on your plate must be 64 mm high and 44 mm wide, with the exception of the number 1 or the letter I. The British standard specifies requirements for the visibility, strength and reflectivity of the panel. To comply with the standard, each plate must be permanently and legibly marked with: If you bought a bike with a private license plate but prefer to go back to the original license plate, you can do that too. Just ask to take a vehicle`s private license plate and transfer it to another vehicle, or simply keep the private license plate in case you want to use it at a later date.