Who`s Who Legal Asset Recovery

At Edmonds Marshall McMahon, Kate McMahon is one of the European stars, in terms of asset recovery, according to her colleagues, is « clearly one of the big names ». John Mitchell of Arnold Bloch Leibler is an outstanding asset recovery practitioner whom his colleagues and clients describe as « excellent, practice-oriented and strategic. » Leon Zwier with Arnold Bloch Leibler is highly sought after by clients because of his expertise in litigation and reorganization as well as his expertise in restructuring and insolvency. The BakerHostetler team has successfully recovered approximately $14.5 billion to date, with recoveries and distributions of no less than $230 million in any calendar year. This is the largest, most comprehensive and successful asset recovery effort ever, and there is no second approach. Most of the evidence and assets were located in Europe, making a European location a cheaper option. In fact, most of the funds embezzled from Zambia had passed through two law firms and bank accounts in the United Kingdom. Thus, by applying the Brussels Convention on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters, the Zambian Attorney General was able to establish jurisdiction over the defendants. Matthew Fleming of KordaMentha is recognised by his peers as Australia`s leading asset recovery expert and has extensive experience in global fraud and corruption investigations. Michele Caratsch of Baldi & Caratsch is an outstanding specialist in fraud, asset recovery and insolvency, with sources recommending him as an `excellent practitioner` Aarna Law`s founder, Shreyas Jayasimha, receives impressive recommendations from colleagues in the region who respect his skills and experience in commercial, public and constitutional litigation. and an asset recovery dimension. Eleanor Fisher of Ernst & Young is chosen by market commentators as the Cayman Islands point of contact for restructuring and reorganization issues. François Kremer of Arendt & Medernach is a favorite among colleagues and clients in the asset recovery market, who praise him as an « outstanding lawyer ». Our exceptional team includes lawyers who have served as ambassadors and members of Congress, representing the United States on behalf of the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service, as well as other government agencies.

These lawyers have extensive experience in the operational and political aspects of international asset recovery and confiscation, money laundering investigations, fraud investigations and corruption cases. Our team also includes many foreign language speakers, which gives us the ability to verify information and proceed with asset discovery in the native language of fraudsters and their co-conspirators, allowing deeper and faster access to critical information. Ludo Block de Blockint is an outstanding name in the European asset recovery market with over 30 years of experience in multi-jurisdictional investigations and medico-legal matters. At Rose, Matthew Lindsay QC is one of Canada`s leading asset recovery specialists and is praised for his skilful handling of complex fraud proceedings in U.S. and Canadian federal courts. Authorities seeking to recover stolen assets may attempt to facilitate criminal forfeiture or forfeiture of the NCB initiated in another jurisdiction against corrupt foreign officials, their employees, or identified assets. At the end of the proceedings, the State or Government may be able to obtain some of the property recovered through orders issued by foreign courts in accordance with domestic and international law or international agreements. This route requires that the foreign authority (a) be competent, (b) have the capacity to prosecute and confiscate, and (c) most importantly, be willing to share the proceeds. Finn Madsen of Madsen Lawfirm is a respected and highly regarded lawyer with considerable experience and expertise in asset tracing and recovery.

Injunctions requiring defendants to provide information about the origin of their assets and the transactions in which they are involved. Jon Skjørshammer of Kvale Advokatfirma is an outstanding figure in the Norwegian asset recovery industry with impressive experience representing domestic and international clients in complex restructuring and insolvency proceedings. James Corbett QC is hailed as a « powerful lawyer who brings a confident and persuasive style to his advocacy » in asset recovery proceedings. Stephen Baker is described by market commentators as a « leading name » in asset recovery with over 30 years of experience in the field. In addition, if the statute of limitations excludes prosecution for the original offence of corruption or embezzlement, it may be possible to investigate offences such as money laundering or possession of stolen assets in other jurisdictions. Daniel Nardello of Nardello & Co is a favorite in the US asset recovery market and is hailed as a « go-to person for the largest and most complex mandates » in the space. Siegbert Lampert of Lampert & Partner Rechtsanwälte is highly regarded by market commentators who support his impressive work in the field of asset recovery. Lord. Rathmell is an internationally renowned litigator who represents wealthy individuals and institutions in litigation involving allegations of fraud, money laundering and other forms of misconduct. Its missions still cover several jurisdictions, legal systems and asset management structures.

As an English and American lawyer, Mr. Rathmell formulates offensive and defensive global litigation strategies for international clients, including civil and criminal asset forfeiture, trusts, commercial and insolvency litigation, INTERPOL and international sanctions regimes.