Sullivan and Worcester Legal 500

« Joel Telpner is truly the number one lawyer in the world who fully understands the business, technology, and use cases of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Joel is the only lawyer I would recommend for the legal side. The team has extensive experience and knowledge of securities law and has developed expertise around blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Joel Telpner is an intelligent and dedicated professional who is easy to work with and does quality work. « Sullivan provides pragmatic and concise legal advice. They get straight to the point and provide a clear analysis of the benefits and risks of the available options. Unlike many law firms, they are willing to share their own opinions about the option they recommend. Gerry Silver is a dedicated and thorough lawyer. Not only does he provide excellent legal advice, but over the years he has also demonstrated that he is committed as a true partner. He knows our business and is willing to provide legal advice that he believes is in the best interest of our business, even though he knows that such advice might be unpopular. With Gerry, we know we`re getting legal support we can trust.

Sullivan`s lawyers are exceptional. When I deal with the company, I never feel like my business isn`t important, no matter how much money it is. London, UK – Sullivan & Worcester UK LLP`s trade finance practice has received a Level 1 ranking in the 2022 edition of The Legal 500 UK. This is the firm`s eighth consecutive top-tier ranking in this first independent annual legal directory. « Joel is consistently on the cutting edge of the digital asset legal perspective. They take into account sound legal practices and technological differences to set the standard for global regulators. Joel Telpner is really the best in digital assets right now. He has a deep understanding of technology, industry and law. Its findings are often followed by much larger companies and global regulators. The team is led by Joel Telpner, who has a long history of working in capital markets and knows all about the industry.

As he turned more to the fintech side of financial services, it didn`t take long for him to become a force. I always have the assurance that I am dealing with his company and letting him tell me what I need to take care of to continue. For more information, please visit: « They have extensive knowledge of trading and working capital financing in the UK market, which has helped us set up our financing structure and supporting legal documentation. » « Sam Fowler-Holmes has extensive knowledge of business and working capital finance and is very clear when it comes to describing legal considerations and potential risks. It is business-oriented in its approach, which is crucial for the way we work and think. » Environment: TransactionalThe company is particularly recognized for its ability to meet environmental due diligence requirements and regulatory issues related to REIT transactions. The team has additional strength in land use and environmental permitting issues related to real estate development projects. Washington DC-based Jeffrey Karp leads the division, which has recently strengthened its focus on developing renewable energy projects. Victor Baltera in Boston has extensive experience overseeing the environmental aspects of real estate and commercial transactions. One customer remarked, « Amazing personal touch.

Sullivan`s lawyers are as interested in me as a person as they are in my legal challenges and opportunities. It`s a big company with a little old-fashioned sense of practice. « The strength of the team lies in its responsiveness and the speed with which it approaches us to obtain advice and solutions to complex legal and commercial issues. Compared to other U.S. law firms, Sullivan has demonstrated a deep understanding of internal billing processes and payment requirements, and their behavior shows that the firm has long been interested in establishing a business partnership with our organization. Tax – International TaxSullivan, based in Boston, provides international tax advice on foreign investment, tax planning and implementation. The offering includes mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and restructurings, cross-border financings, foreign tax credits and U.S. tax deferrals on foreign profits. His niche expertise includes advising sovereign wealth funds, high net worth individuals and foreign government pension plans. Douglas Stransky, Practice Leader, focuses on international tax planning for U.S.

clients investing in foreign jurisdictions. Ameek Ponda deals with tax issues arising from corporate mergers and acquisitions as well as public and private REIT activities. Here are some client testimonials: « The strength of the team lies in its responsiveness and the speed with which the respective advisors approach us with advice and solutions to complex legal and commercial issues. » Compared to other U.S. law firms, S&W has shown a deep understanding of internal billing processes and payment requirements, and their behavior shows that the firm has long been interested in establishing a business partnership with our organization. » International TaxSullivan`s international tax experts assist U.S. companies with overseas investments, expansions, restructurings, IPOs and a range of other transactional and operational matters related to business in EMEA and Asia Pacific. Douglas Stransky and Ameek Ponda of Boston also have expertise in public REITs, advising on topics such as general tax compliance, acquisitions and divestitures, equity and debt offerings, and secured and unsecured financing. The team also advises high-level individuals and executives on cross-border estate planning and pre-residency tax structuring. Customer testimonials include: FintechSullivan has a strong focus on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, representing governments, leading digital currencies, startups, and established businesses. The « professional and responsive » team, based primarily in New York, is praised for its « in-depth knowledge of cross-border asset taxation and tokenization. » The firm`s president, Joel Telpner, is « constantly aware of the legal perspective on digital assets. » Other key members of the team include Scott Kaufman, Corporate Partner, who leads the firm`s emerging companies and venture capital practice, and Douglas Stransky of Boston, who advises on related cross-border tax matters. Scott Kaufman became known as an important lawyer in the group. He has advised financial institutions, funds, corporate borrowers, agents and trustees, as well as national and supranational sovereign and quasi-governmental organizations on award-winning financial transactions in Africa, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS and the Middle East.

Sullivan works with a broad client base on their most complex and important corporate governance and compliance requirements, including public and private companies, real estate mutual funds and mutual funds. The team has experience dealing with issues related to board composition and board-level decision-making, conflict of interest, diversity and inclusion, shareholder communications, crisis management, and internal and government investigations. He advises Service Properties Trust on a number of issues, including disclosure requirements, listing standards, and Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank compliance. Key people at the firm include Washington DC-based trio David Mahaffey, David Leahy and Nicole Crum (who are key contacts for investment advisors) and Domenick Pugliese in New York.