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Lawyers and lawyers create the basic templates of the documents. Our computer program then automatically creates your document based on the answers to the form. The document is compiled based on your answers. Some questions only fill in the gaps in the model. For other questions, entire paragraphs are added or deleted. Therefore, we recommend that you answer the questions carefully. Don`t worry, you can follow the procedure to return a document. No. The site is published by Miracle, an IT company. With the success of the website, the team of authors continues to grow. Model letters and contracts in Belgium (French) Examples of letters and contracts in Belgium (Dutch) First, select a standard document to fill out. Then you will be redirected to a page with a form on the left and the document on the right. Your document is ready to use! You decide what to do with it.

A team of lawyers and jurists writes the templates The price of each document depends on its size and popularity. The price is displayed at the end of the form. Fortunately, this doesn`t happen often, but something like this can happen. The document is prepared by section based on your answers to the questionnaire. Provisions are added or deleted, paragraphs are amended, words are changed, etc. If you don`t know how to answer, you`ll find a help text next to each element of the form. To view the price of a document without filling out the form, simply open the form and click « Next Step » without typing anything into the fields until the price is displayed. If you like the price, go back to the beginning and fill out the form. Personalized legal and administrative documents can be created on the website: Yes! The information you leave when you fill out a document is encrypted. Nor can we read them, let alone pass them on to third parties. The models are written by lawyers and lawyers.

At the end, you can download the created document in Word and PDF format. You can edit the Word document and reuse it as you like. You can choose from our 100 available Dokumene. Person: Documents are not verified by one person. Documents cost between €1.98 and €79.99, with an average price of €18.59. We never have access to your payment card details or login information. All elements of the site are secure: the code, the servers and, of course, the data you enter. A team of lawyers creates the models Credit card payments are made via Mercanet, bnp Paribas` secure system.

PayPal payments are secured by PayPal Secure. We do not replace lawyers, but offer a technical solution to simplify the creation of documents. We do not give legal advice or tell you which document to choose or how to fill it out. The models deal with the most typical cases. Have your document reviewed by a lawyer if you think it is not sufficient for your exact case.